Steps to fix Microsoft Office Error code 30015-11

Error code 30015-11 : Microsoft Office error code 30015-11 while trying to install or update Microsoft Office 365 , Office 2019 or 2016 is due to internal registry conflicts, network connection errors, insufficient space allocations and preset proxy or firewall rules. The basic windows installer files in the computer may not work properly in case of these registry corruptions.
Especially Microsoft Office is a now an inevitable component of our day to day life such as schools, universities, business organisations and researches. So solving Office program error has crucial role in our hassle free computing.

The important factors causing Office error code 30015-11 are
1. Disk space error.
2. Registry corruptions.
3. System file corruptions.
4. streaming connectivity error.
5. Firewall rules.
5. Multiple copies installed.

Follow the below steps to fix Error code 30015-11

1. SFC scan

System file checker is a pre-installed windows utility service which enables the windows users to scan and fix corruptions in windows system files. The SFC scan will identify the corrupted files and repair or restore the particular file from cached copies of system files located in a compressed folder at %WinDir%\System32\dllcache.

Reference Microsoft knowledge base : Article number 929833

Steps to perform SFC scan to fix Error code 30015-11:

1. First of all, make sure that the computer date and time is correct.
2. Open command promt with administratior previlages.
3. Type “SFC /SCANNOW” and click enter.
4. Do not close the Scan window untill it is 100% complete.
5. Once the scan is complete, start installation/update to check whether error code 30015-11 is fixed.

2. Disable firewall to fix Office Error code 30015-11:

You might face error code 30015-11 if the firewall on the computer block the Office installation or update due to security reasons. In order to bypass the Microsoft Office error 30015-11 we need to disable the firewall temporarily to install/update Office product.

Reference Microsoft Knowledge base : Article number 4028544 

Error code 30015-11

Steps to disable windows firewall:

1. Open control panel
2. Click on system and security
3. Open Windows Firewall
4. Click on “turn windows firewall ON or OFF
5. Select “Turn OFF windows firewall” and click OK
6. Finally start installation/update to check whether error code 30015-11 is fixed.

3. Perform disk clean up to fix error code 30015-11:

Disk space error or low disk space on your computer may also case error code 30015-11 while updating/installing Microsoft Office 365 or 2016. In order to fix the error code 30015-11 due to disk space error, it is recommended to perform disk clean up on your computer.

Reference Microsoft Knowledge base : Article Number 17421 

Follow the steps to perform disk clean up:

1. Open control panel
2. Click on system and security
3. Select Administrative tools
4. Open Disk clean up
5. Once disk clean up box is opened, select C Drive and click OK.
6. Check the folders to be cleaned and click OK.
7. Once Disk clean up finished cleaning, start installation/update to check whether error 30015-11 is fixed.

4. Registry repair to fix Error code 30015-11

You might also face error code 30015-11 due to registry corruptions or binary data error. These registry errors needs repair for a proper installation of Microsoft Office 365 or Office 2016 on your computer.

Note: It is mandatory to backup the registry before modification. A single mistake in registry modification may cause severe damages on your windows operating system.

Reference Microsoft Knowledge base : Article Number 4027573 and 136393 

Following given are the steps to fix registry errors:

1. Open Registry editor with administrator privilege

2. Navigate to Office registry folder in the given order

Computer Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE






5. Delete Licenceservers key and LicenceServerRedirection key.

6. Once the corrupted keys are deleted, start installation/update to check whether error 30015-11 is fixed.

5. Complete removal and reinstall of Microsoft Office 2019, Office 365 or Office 2016 to fix error code 30015-11:

The pre-installed or multiple copies of Office program on computer may block the installation of Microsoft Office program with error code 30015-11. In this case of existing duplicate copies of office program it is recommended to remove the Office program on your computer completely to install Microsoft Office 365 or Office 2016.

Reference : Office article and Microsoft article number 4028054 


Follow the steps to remove older version of office:

1. Open control panel
2. Navigate to programs and to Programs and features
3. Check for Microsoft Office in the installed list.
4. Click and uninstall Microsoft Office from the listed applications.
5. Once the program is removed completely, start installation/update to check whether error is fixed.

How to install Microsoft Office 365 or 2016?

Office 365 or Office 2016 installation is simple procedure using the Microsoft Office account. Customers can buy the product from office store. Once you purchase office 365 or Office 2016 your product will be added to your Microsoft Office personal account. And the Office product provided by your university or work will be added to your education, university or work account.
You can customize your installation from Office my account after logging in to the Office account.

Steps to install Microsoft Office :

1. Open Microsoft office my account login page

2. Log in to your Office account using registered Office email ID and password.

3. Click on install option below the Office product in your account.

4. Save and run the downloaded setup file

(Note: do not go offline once the installation is initiated)

5. Click on close button once the installation is finished.


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